How to order

So you have seen all the lovely bags, you have seen some cute fabrics. Now you are wondering, how do I order?

On Fridays We Pre ORDER

Every Friday at 7pm GMT custom slots are available to purchase through the website, each week this will be for either 2 or three different, bags, purses or pouches - with multiple slots being available for each style offered. The listings will stay up until Sunday night, or until they are full. 

Don't worry you have plenty of notice for which bags are available each week. You can either check out here on the website for the next months schedule or visit my Instagram or sign up for email notifications here.


In order to maximise the amount of bags I am available to offer at the moment I will be unable to accept orders out of this schedule.

Ready to ship Sales - Last Saturday of the month

Throughout the month I will create a number of ready to ship items, which will be for sale on the last Saturday of the month at 7pm. These items will often have been previewed on my Instagram feed.

Custom orders

Designing your bag.

This is the fun part. 
The easiest way to understand which parts of the bags you are interested in can be customised is to look at the information page for these bags , in the 'Bag Design Catalogue';. 

You can then visit the 'Design your bag' section of the website. Where you can browse all of the fabric choices I have available, as well as other customisation aspects such as zippers, hardware and cork colour.

Please feel free to message me at any stage of the design process!

Choosing Customisation's

Once you have secured your spot by paying a deposit you can either, message me your choices on Instagram or through the website.  Or if you would prefer, you can fill in the relevant order form for your bag here.


In the unlikely circumstance that the fabric you order becomes unavailable (because multiple people have ordered this fabric, or because there simply isn't enough for the particular bag you have chosen) I will be in touch ASAP, where hopefully we will be able to come to an agreement on an alternative design. If this is not possible and I cannot secure more fabric I will refund your deposit in full. 


When you secure a bag, you are just paying the deposit. This will be either 20% of the Base price B, or £10 - which ever is more. You do not need to pay in full until the bag is complete.

Deposits are not refundable, unless your chosen fabrics are no longer available and we are unable to come to an alternative agreement.


When you purchase a pre-order slot, you are simply paying a deposit (find out more about your deposit and payment here). The final price will depend on the customisation you have made to your bag.

A full breakdown of pricing is ALWAYS available on each bags page in 'The Bag Design Catalogue.'

Turn ARound Time

This way of pre-ordering has allowed me to reduce my pre-order time in most cases to 3-4 weeks after we have settled on a bag design. If you need a bag for a specific date, please contact me before placing your order.

Final PAyment

When the bag is complete you will be messaged to inform you, and sent a private listing through the website so you can checkout.

You will have 5 weeks from the date your order was placed to pay. 

This means that if you placed an order on 31.01.2020 and the bag was finished two weeks later, you still have until the 06.02.2020 to pay. 

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