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Hardware colour

Hardware is anything that is metal on your bag, including but not limited to, Strap adjusters, rivets, bag feet, zipper pulls, strap ends and closures. 

Hardware is available in the five colours below, bags will always be made with matching hardware colours, you can't ask to have strap adjusters one colour and feet another.

2. Old Gold / Bronze

A brushed, antique style bronze. While I make every effort for all hardware to match, bronze colours tend to vary more brand to brand


5. Silver / Nickle

A light, shiny silver colour.


3. Rainbow

Rainbow, iridescent plated hardware. Due to the way this is treated the colours vary from item to item, predominant colours are purple, green, yellow and pink.


4. Rose Gold

Rose Gold. colour is also known as copper, and looks a rose gold/ copper orange depending on the light. It does not contain real gold!


1. Gunmetal

A dark, shiny nearly black colour.

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