Cork Colours

I choose to use Cork Fabric to make my bags, rather than leather or vinyl. There are a couple of reasons for this. The primary being it is an incredibly hard wearing and ethical product, which does not use plasic or animal products. I have written more about cork and its properties here .

Below you will find a comprehensive list of all the different colours of cork that I currently have in stock. 

Cork is a very difficult product to photograph the true colour of, this combined with the different resolution of screens may mean the colour of the corks may differ slightly in person. If you have seen a bag you like the colour of the cork on and aren't sure which it is please do not hesitate to message me.!

If you are really adverse to using cork products and would rather I source vinyl instead, please drop me a message. There may however be a charge for this. 

Spotted Rainbow cork

Marble Navy

Candy Red

Rainbow Fleck

Marble Teal


Army Green

Marble Grey






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