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Cotton Candy Pouches

Bag Dimensions


9-1/2” long (at widest)

4-1/2” tall

3-1/2” deep (at widest)


10-1/2” long (at widest)

6” tall

3-1/2” deep (at widest)


large 12” long (at widest)

7” tall

3-1/2” deep (at widest)

The cotton candy pouch comes in three different sizes, all of which will nest into each other, for handy storage when not in uses. They are interfaced with foam interfacing to make them very squidgy and padded. The large top zip makes it easy to fill them full of things and still see inside!

Bag Features

Each bag is made unique, and some will include unique features, so always be sure to read the individual listings for the bags, but this will give some ideas of what features the bags can have. 

Wipable lining

As standard, the pouches come with a waterproof wipeable lining. 


Each size nests inside the other, for perfect storage.


Prices Start at 

£22 for a small

Each bag is priced individually, based on the materials used, and if there are any additional features such as, applique detailing! 

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