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16 Inches Tall 

12 inches Wide

6 Inches deep


12 Inches Tall 

9 inches Wide

4 Inches deep

This stylish backpack purse features two exterior side pockets with visible zippers for an added edgy vibe.

Its a bucket style and is a less structured bag, so will be floppier when not full. The clip on the front ensures that the bag does however holds it shape when empty, but can be unclipped to allow for more space when the bag is full. 


The zippered main compartment will keep all your belongings secure while the side pockets offer plenty of storage.


Perfect for work, travel or your everyday adventures, and is a great uni-sex bag, which really can be filled to the brim. 

Bag Features

Each bag is made unique, and some will include unique features, so always be sure to read the individual listings for the bags, but this will give some ideas of what features the bags can have. 

Backpack Straps

Straps are most commonly made with contrast lined with the lining fabric. But can also be made with padded straps.

Zipper side pockets

On the front are  two small zippered pocket, perfect for a phone, keys or medication

Interior Pockets

Inside the main compartment is a slip pocket and a zippered pocket.

An amazing chill time at the Aqualagoon

Small £75

Large £90

Prices Start at 

Each bag is priced individually, based on the materials used, and if there are any additional features such as, applique detailing! 

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