While custom orders are currently closed, please feel free to browse and look at the different customisation that are available, and feel free to put a request in for designs you might like to see herem,  


Hardware Colours

Choose from one of five different hardware colours, and have every aspect of your bag match


Exterior Fabric Designs

Browse a large range of inon-nspired  fabrics to make your bag truly magical.


Zipper Pull Shapes

Ban boring zipper pulls, now you can even customise the shape of your zipper pull to match your bag!



Panels are individual graphics and are a great way to make your bag very unique.


Cork Colours

Most bags have a contrast area of heavy duty cork fabric, of which I stock a vast variety of colours

magnetic snaps.JPG

Closure Styles/ Shapes

Some bags and purses have special closures, browse how you can make this a statment here.


Exterior Magical Fabric Designs

Browse a large range of inspired  fabrics to make your bag truly magical.


Zipper Tape Colours

Even zipper tapes can be customised, to either match your hardware and fabric, or become a statement.

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