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Bag Dimensions


7” long (at widest)

4-3/4” tall

3” deep 


8” long (at widest)

5 3/4” tall

3-1/2” deep


9” long (at widest)

6 1/2” tall

4" deep (at widest)

A great size pouch which opens wide to allow you to see inside. All size prints of fabric work well on this, and the contrast cork or vinyl  bottom, means that it is sturdy and stands by itself.

The two zips, allow the pouch to be only partially opened so that they can be opened without everything falling out. 

Now available in three sizes which nest inside each other while empty.

Bag Features

Each bag is made unique, and some will include unique features, so always be sure to read the individual listings for the bags, but this will give some ideas of what features the bags can have. 

Wipable lining

As standard, the pouches come with a waterproof wipeable lining. 


Each size nests inside the other, for perfect storage.


Prices Start at 

£23 for a small

Each bag is priced individually, based on the materials used, and if there are any additional features such as, applique detailing! 

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