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Divided BAsket

Bag Dimensions


9” long 

6” tall

3” deep 

This is a great basket for storing all sorts of goodies. It's great for diaper storage, filling with gifts and knitting projects, or anything else you can dream up! 

It has handles perfect for carrying. and a divider in the middle, making it great for separating items out


Please note that custom orders are currently closed, but this will give some idea of pricing and the way that bags can be customised in the ready to ship sales!

Each basket has lots of aspects that you can customise to make your own personal bag,

If you want something else other than mentioned please don't hesitate to contact me.

Lining colour
A complimentary lining colour will be chosen for your basket, or you can upgrade to any Catagory A fabric

Three new baskets made and ready to go t

Exterior Fabric. 

See options here

These baskets use (left to right)

 Rainbow fruit

Mouse paintbrush

Paisley mice(no longer in stock.


Pricing for each pouch varies depending on the options picked, explained below is information on how to calculate the cost of your dream bag. 

Base cost


The base cost of bags is based on a basket with a plain lining with a central divider
The base price depends on the choice of exterior fabrics. The fabrics are split into three categories, more information can be found on that here.

Category A  £22.50

Category b  £28.00

Category C Na at this time

Cat A Fabric Lining  +5.00

Change size Quotes Available on Request

Example Pricing.

As all this may seam a little confusing, here is an example of how much this bag would cost.


Category B   £28.00

Total :       £28.00

Three new baskets made and ready to go t
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