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Bag Dimensions

14.5” long (at widest)

7” tall

4.5” deep 

The peek-a-boo, is a giant pouch, perfect for makeup, toiletries or even art supplies or medicines. The pouch stands well on its own and is very deep at the bottom. 

 The zipper on the top allows the pouch to be opened wide, and as standard the pouches come with a waterproof canvas lining. 

Bag Features

Each bag is made unique, and some will include unique features, so always be sure to read the individual listings for the bags, but this will give some ideas of what features the bags can have. 

Wipable lining

As standard, the pouches come with a waterproof wipeable lining. 

Large size

The pouch is the largest size pouch that we currently offer.


Prices Start at 


Each bag is priced individually, based on the materials used, and if there are any additional features such as, applique detailing! 

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