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About clear pouches


These clear pouches use TPU vinyl to make fun clear pouches, which are available in a variety of sizes and shapes. It is important to note that these pouches do not have a lining inside, which means you can see unfinished seams, every effort is made to ensure that these interiors are as neat as possible with no thread ends, but the finish will be different to other pouches, and these are priced to reflect that.



These pouches feature a cottage core ghost design, with either brown, or black vinyl contrast and either a red and gunmetal, or brown and gunmetal zip,  gunmetal hardware and gold stitching. They all have a gunmetal pumpkin zipper pull. 


Size and Styles


These pouches have been made in a variety of sizes and styles, please find exact sizings for each pouch down bellow. 


Peek - a Boo 14.5” Wide 7” Tall 4.5” Deep 

A - Brown vinyl 

B - Black vinyl


Medium - 8" wide 5" tall 2.5" Deep


Extra Large Boxy Bag - 8x Wide 5"tall x 5" Deep 


Clear Pouches - Cottage core ghosts

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  • Please note TPU can cloud or yellow over time, especially if stored in direct sunlight or a hot and humid spaces. 

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