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Dumpling - Large - Pink Gingerbread
  • Dumpling - Large - Pink Gingerbread

    A great size pouch which opens wide to allow you to see inside. The contrast vinyl bottom means that it is sturdy and stands by itself. The four available sizes nest within each other. This pouch has all sorts of uses but is perfect for storing makeup as it has a new design PVC coated wipeable waterproof lining with a fun white and rainbow mouse icons design unique to Wish Upon a Rainbow just in case there are any spillages! The pouch comes with christmas themed rainbow zipper pulls


    The small dumpling, measures 7” long x 4-3/4” high x 3” deep (17.8cm x 12cm x 7.6cm)

    The medium dumpling measures  8” long x 5-3/4” high x 3-1/2” deep (20.3cm x 14.6cm x 8.9cm)

    The large dumpling measures 9” long x 6-1/2” high x 4” deep (22.9cm x 16.5cm x 10.1cm).

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