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Peek a Boo Poke Glass
  • Peek a Boo Poke Glass

    This pouch is a great size, it opens wide to allow you to see clearly inside, with a zipper closing at the top to keep your stored items safe. This pouch has all sorts of uses but is perfect for storing makeup as it has a *NEW* PVC coated wipeable waterproof lining unique to Wish Upon a Rainbow just in case there are any spillages! In this pouch the lining is a ### design. The sturdy vinyl gives the pouch enough structure to stand by itself. The pouch measures approximately 14.5” Wide 7” Tall 4.5” Deep This pouch uses a hard wearing Black Glitter upholstery vinyl as an external contrast for the cotton feature fabric. It features Black and dark rainbow zipper tape with a rainbow Pokeball zipper pull and a metal name plate using matching hardware colour. Please note that this pouch has a magic inspired PVC lining to allow for it to be fully waterproof.

    Postage Delivery

    Pouches will be shipped by Saturday 18th December. While this is before the Royal Mail’s ‘guaranteed UK Christmas delivery date’, I cannot guarantee that the item will arrive before the 25th. For international orders, if you choose the UPS shipping option at checkout, items will be posted on Friday, according to UPS these items ‘should’ arrive before Christmas, but again this cannot be guaranteed due to the nature of international shipping. If you choose regular international shipping these pouches will not arrive before Christmas.

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