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Rosie Sling - Tree of life
  • Rosie Sling - Tree of life

    Size -

     7.5" W x 11.5" H x 3.5" D



    The Rosie sling, is a larger sling, for when you need to carry a bit more with you. The bag is large enough to fit a contigo waterbottle in, and its shape gives it a very premium apperance. The front has a large 3-D front pocket, which means it is easy to reach into the bottom, and is a great place to store all those things you need to keep getting in and out of your bag.


    As with other sling designs, this can easily be worn on the front or rear of your body. 


    Exterior Design

    The exterior of the bag is made from a a high quality upholstory vinyl that has been cut and stitched by me to represent the tree of life with this subtle reverse aplique design. The bag then has a a brown base, giving it great structure, and gold stitiching accents


    Lining and Pockets

    It is lined with canvas lining, which helps keep the bag moderatley waterproof,  it is not however totaly watertight. The bag also has a slippocket on the rear of the interior of the bag, perfect for valuables or your passport. In this bag the lining is a co-ordinating brown



    Hardware and Strap


    The bag comes with a 1.5 inch Seatbelt webbing strap in a statmen jaquard print,  which is very heavy duty and compliments the Quality of the bag, and really stands out. If you are over a size 24 and need an XL strap please let me know. 


    This bag uses high quality hardware with a co-ordinating Tower pull. This bag uses antique bronze hardwear. 

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