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Preview Spooky Paris - Mav Pack Sling
  • Preview Spooky Paris - Mav Pack Sling

    Size -

    Regular Mini size -  6” wide by 7 1/2” tall at it's highest and is 2 1/2” deep

    Larger Size - 7 1/2" wide by 9" tall at it's highest and 3.5 inches deep. 



    The Mav Pack is a small sling bag that is perfect for days when you just have to carry the essentials. 

    The bag comes in two sizes, with the regular mini size being perfect for a phone, purse, battery pack keys etc, and the larger being able to fit a bit more. The sling style can be worn on the front of your body and the back, and the strap attachment means that it can be worn either side. 


    Exterior Design

    The exterior of the bag is made from a digitally printed vinyl, using exclusive artwork from Deer heart Print Co. There are two options; a glow in the dark, which glows green in the dark, and regular version of the bag. The bag then has a black vinyl base, giving it great structure, and orange accents, with a black, purple and green varigated stitching.  


    Lining and Pockets

    It is lined with waterproof lining, which helps keep the bag moderatley waterproof,  it is not however totaly watertight. The bag also has a zipper pocket on the rear of the interior of the bag, perfect for valuables or your passport. In this bag the lining is a co-ordinating purple. 



    Hardware and Strap



    The bag comes with a 1.5 inch Seatbelt webbing strap in a co-ordinating orange or purple,  which is very heavy duty and compliments the Quality of the bag. I find this a more comfortable way of wearing this product, and it looks fabulous ( See any of the new Mav pack listings for an example). If you are over a size 24 and need an XL strap please let me know. 


    This bag uses high quality hardware with a co-ordinating zipper pull. This bag uses rainbow hardware, with a purple and irredecent zipper tape and Castle zipper pull. 

    • Glow Vinyl Care

      The glow viny is UV activated, which means it needs to be charged in the sun before it can be used. It will then glow a brilliant green in dark spaces! 

      While this vinyl is still great quality it does mark easier than the regular vinyl, so care should be taken with the bag and you may see some variation in colour shades between this and our regular smooth vinyl.

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