Rikka Bumbag

Handbag Dimentions

9.5” wide

6” tall

3.5” deep

A great bumbag, which can be warn  traditionally, or across the pront of the body as is current fashion. 
They are great for featuring a smaller print fabric, the cork fabric gives it a good structure, They feature a large central pocket with two card slots. 
They have a rear pocket, against the body for a phone. 


Please note that custom orders are currently closed, but this will give some idea of pricing and the way that bags can be customised in the ready to ship sales!

Each Coneflower has lots of aspects that you can customise to make your own personal bag,

If you want something else other than mentioned please don't hesitate to contact me.

Strap Hardware colour

See options here

This bag uses rainbow, to match 
the zipper tape

Zipper tape colour 

See options here

This bag uses white tape with rainbow teeth

Cork Contrast Fabric. 

See options here

This bag uses the marble teal cork

Exterior Fabric. 

See options here

This bag uses Rainbow lace floral wars

Zipper pull colour and shape. 

See options here

This bag uses Rainbow mouse ears


Pricing for each bag varies depending on the options picked, explained below is information on how to calculate the cost of your dream bag. 

Base cost


The base cost of bags is based on a bag with heavy duty nickle or gunmetal hardware and high quality  zipper pulls (not novelty shaped ones). As Well as a plastic closure
The base price depends on the choice of exterior fabrics. The fabrics are split into three categories, more information can be found on that here.

Hardware upgrade to rose gold or Rainbow  +£2

Upgrade Zips to novelty pulls +£2

Category A  £50.00

Category b  £52.50

Category C £55.00

Upgrade to a metal Closure:  +£3

CAT A Fabric as lining            +£4.50

Example Pricing.

As all this may seam a little confusing, here is an example of how much this bag would cost.

Category b = £52.50

Rainbow Hardware  +£2

Novelty Pull + £2

MEtal Closure + £3

Total = £59.50

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