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Rikka Bumbag Order form

After you have payed your deposit, please feel free to fill in this form.


If you would rather talk with me before hand, that is absolutely welcomed, and even encouraged! You can contact me on Instagram or here. Please feel free to contact me at any time in the process!

Please remember that some changes incur a charge, please see the Rikka Bumbag Information sheet to check these!

Once you have filled in an order form, you will receive an email in 24 confirming that all the choices are available, and giving you the final cost price of your bag. IF I don't here from you in 48 hours I will assume it is ok for me to proceed. Thanks so much 

Jess x 

I wasn’t even sure whether to share this

Order Form


Would you like the exterior to be inspired or non-inspired fabric?


Would you like to pick your own cork colour?


Would you like to pick your own Zipper Tape Colour?
Would you like to upgrade to novelty zipper puls, e.g. mouse heads


As standard, a plastic colored adjustable clip will be chosen to match your bag, you can chose to upgrade to a matching metal clip.

Would you like to upgrade to a metal closure

Lining Colour

As standard, a complimentary lining colour will be chosen  for you, however if you have a particular preference please let me know bellow. At the moment, only plain colors or any non-inspired fabrics seen here (which will incur a small fee) can be chosen. 


If you have spoken to me about modifying a feature or a specific design element please add that here. If you make a request before checking with me I will just be in touch to confirm this with you!


Thank you your content has been submitted

An error occurred. Try again later, check you have filled all fields

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