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Wait List info Dump

What is the idea behind a wait list?

So as a small shop in high demand, I often am balancing demand with the amount of items I can physically make. This often leads to high pressure sales where people feel disappointed. In order to combat this I am often trying new ways to offer my customers access to my products, I have just finished an 'unlimited pre-order' however I know that that even then some people have missed out. 

So I will be trailing a waitlist for the foreseeable, where you sign up by checking out with a free listing. You will get an order number, so you will know what number you are in the wait list. When you reach the top you will be sent a password to be able to shop on the website over the course of a week. so no rush - you will be able to message me and ask questions, decide on what you want etc. 

When you order the turn around time will then be low around 2- 3 weeks. This will take the pressure off me of having taken payment for lots of orders in one go. as I continue to strive for a better balance in my life. 

PLEASE NOTE - This is a trial. There is a chance it will not be a method that works for any of us! I will keep you informed if I will no longer be continuing with the wait list. I do not foresee this happening but I always like to be upfront about any risks and challenges I feel I could face. 

But I need something for a specific date

I am afraid this time I will be unable to accommodate people who need items for specific dates, as I will be working through the waitlist in numerical order

What will be available to order when we reach the top of the waitlist? 

Everything that was available in January, which is currently available to preview on the website. As well as the option for a custom Mav pack and a custom fabric bottle bag.  

So can we place custom orders?

Yes and No. 

There will absolutely be listings for custom fabric Mav packs and water bags, and you can see those fabrics here. There will be a  base option where you just choose the fabric and I will come up with a complimentary design, or you can pay for the full customisation where you will be able to consult with me on all the design choices. 

For other styles, when you reach the top of the wait list you can message me and I will see if my schedule allows it and it is a bag style I offer - but please understand there is a good chance that I will no longer have the fabric etc. so please do not be offended if this is not something I can take on at the time. 

Will the bag look like the one in the picture

Pretty much yes, unless there is a note in the listing, so make sure you read them. For example the strap has changed on the Mav packs since i took the pictures of the Halloween ones.  Some of these bag styles are also from a long time ago, so there may be some small changes, such as the shade of the zipper, or the pull used, these will always still be in keeping with the original design and the pull will always compliment the design.

How will you be keeping us updated?

I post stories most days on IG of the work that I am doing each day, so you will be able to see that I am still working through orders. I will also be using the broadcast channel on Instagram, where I will be sharing specific updates on where in the wait list I I am  etc.

What payment methods do you accept - I don't get paid until the end of the month.

I accept Paypal, Apple Pay and Card payment - but you won't pay anything till you reach the top of wait list.

As you won't know when you will reach the top of the waitlist I understand it can be hard to plan for financially, as you don't pay until you place your final order  You have three option if this is the case 

  1. You will always be able to turn down the chance to order - no hard feelings at all. 

  2. I also use my own payment plans where you can use the code Layaway at checkout and for the wait list i will reduce the deposit to be just 10%. You will  then receive a PayPal invoice you can pay at your own pace over 2 months. Find out more about that here

  3. Message me and we can see what we can do! 

Will this be your only chance to get a bag for the forseeable

In short. No. I will alongside be working on some small ready to ship drops as well as the Halloween and Christmas collections. Signing up to the free wait list is just a chance to guarantee at some point you will be able to place an order this year. 

What if I no longer want to order

You can always message me at an time to be taken off the wait list - Also when you receive your email saying you have reached the top of the waitlist, you can just not order! There will be no hard feelings, although a message to let me know is of course always appreciated.

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