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I love working directly with other artists, and using the pieces they create to make wonderful bags, that really are wearable pieces of art. If you are an artist that would be interested in working together please contact me.  

Deer Heart Print Co 

Untitled-Artwork (1).png

I have worked together with Amy Grant from Deer Heart Print Co, to create a collection celebrating three of the most magical places on earth. 

So far we have launched the Magical Paris, and Magical World collection, with a Magical Land collection, as well as additions to the Magical Paris coming later this year.  

The world collections statement piece is as a stacking set of four dumpling pouches, one for each park.  As well as as the Catalina, a small practical crossbody bag. 

The Magical Paris collections signature piece is this reversible circle bag, with each park being featured on each side 

Both Parisian parks also feature on the Catalina crossbody bag. As well as being available as a zippy clutch. 

Later in the year the Magical Paris collection will be extended to include a bowler bag, as well as a new backpack design.

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