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Vault opening 29th December info Dump

What is the Sale? 

On the 29th December I will be opening the shop for  at least15 minutes with a vast variety of stock available to Pre-order. In this time, with the exception of a couple of items, items will not sell out while you are checking out, so you have time to browse, choose what you want to order and place the order for it. There is no risk of items being removed from your basket etc. Because it is a pre-order, this means there is also a level of customisation that is possible, such as change in hardware colour. If this is being offered it will be included in the listing.

Sounds amazing right? There is however one small catch, in order to offer this - I am unable to set a turn around time. I don't know how many orders I will receive so it is impossible to know before hand how long it will take to get through everything, so by ordering you are agreeing to a wait. I have offered this in the past and it has taken about 4.5 -5 months to get everything finished. I am hoping, that as this is a far less custom listing than in the past I will be through these a lot quicker than that. 

But I need something for a specific date

There will be a listing for 10 rush orders, this will cost an additional £12.50, in case I have to rush order anything in, and will cover up to two bags (you can add as many pouches in as you want). These items will ship before the end of January. You can also put the trip date in the notes when you checkout, and I will try my best to meet these. However if your trip is before the end of Feb it is best to place a rush order.  

Will the bag look like the one in the picture

Pretty much yes, unless there is a note in the listing, so make sure you read them. For example the strap has changed on the Mav packs since i took the pictures of the Halloween ones.  Some of these bag styles are also from a long time ago, so there may be some small changes, such as the shade of the zipper, or the pull used, these will always still be in keeping with the original design and the pull will always compliment the design.

How will you be keeping us updated?

I post stories most days on IG of the work that I am doing each day, so you will be able to see that I am still working through orders. I will also be setting up a broadcast channel on Instagram, where I will be sharing specific updates on what orders I am working on etc. Finally i also have a new Facebook community group I will be sharing where I will be also posting updates. 

What payment methods do you accept

I accept Paypal, Apple Pay and Card payment. I also use my own payment plans where you can use the code Layaway at checkout to be charged a 20% deposit, and then receive a Paypal invoice you can pay at your own pace over 3 months. Find out more about that here

What challenges do you forsee?

I  have already got a large bulk of the stock needed to complete these orders in, as  well as the custom printed Vinyl for what I hope will be the bulk of the orders. There is always a chance that vinyl could be delayed - however I will be placing the order with my manufacturer as soon as I know the numbers I need on the 30th, and I use two different manufacturers to reduce the risk of delays.  

Staying organised is always a challenge when dealing with large numbers of orders, but I have learnt from when I have done this in the past and will be working on things in smaller batches. After the rush orders are completed I will be working through orders in order of date placed, with the exception of any missing items I am waiting on.

Sickness is also always a factor, but I will be ensuring that I keep people updated with any things like that, and if people at any point become concerned money will be reserved for people to ask for refunds. 

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