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Do you do custom orders?

Unfortunately I do not take custom orders - however you can make requests on bags you would like to see in upcoming sales here. 

Where do you buy your fabrics?

Wish Upon a Rainbow is my income, and the fabrics and zips that I use are from suppliers that I have spent many hours researching and collecting, this isn't something that I charge for, so I hope you understand that I do not share this information. 

Do you offer Klarna? 

No I don't because to add it on they would prevent quick check out, but you can use my own finance plan - which allows you to pay a small 30% deposit, and the rest of the payments over 4 weeks. You can read more about that here. 

Can Bags be Washed? 

I would always recommend that bags were hand washed, especially if they use vinyl. However I am aware that several of my customers have regularly machine washed their bag with no problems, however any machine washing is at your own risk. 

Are bags waterproof? 

Most pouches are made with a waterproof canvas lining, so they can be used for makeup bags, and this will be specified in their individual listings. Vinyl bags, are largely waterproof, although some water may get in.

Other bags are showerproof, and as a result of the quality of foam used in the bag they will stay dry inside in most circumstances. 

How far in advanced are items previewed prior to the sale?

Items are previewed as soon as I can get them on the website after they are completed, it is helpful to keep an eye on my Instagram to be updated prior to the sale! 

Can I treat the bags with fabric protector?

I am aware that several of my customers have applied a spray protector to the fabric on their  bags with no problems, however if you were planning to I recommend trying a small area first and any application is at your own risk. 

I have a problem with my order who can I contact?

Please contact me either here, or through my Instagram, and I will always try to rectify any problems as soon as possible. You can also send an email to 

Do bags have a warrantee 

Bags have a six month warrantee, assuming the bag has been well looked after, however always contact me, regardless of how long ago you ordered, and I will always try to help! 

How much are bags?

Prices vary from bag to bag, I am working on a page with rough prices on. But pouches start at £30 and Bags at £55.  Wherever possible bags are available to preview online with information, including pricing available for each style. 

How quickly do your sales sell out?

Popular items have been known to sell out within minutes, although this does vary opening to opening.

Why are there not always items in the shop?

As I make items ready to ship, I release these in 'drops'. Specific tiems and dates that people know items will be available. 

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