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This listing is for the pre-order of a custom H20 2GO water bottle bag, made with fabric of your choice. The turn around time is 5 weeks from when you have decided on your fabric, and confirmed you are happy with design choices. Please note, I cannot change the size or bag features, only the fabric. 


Size -

12 Inches tall at its highest, the base is 6 inches wide by 4 inches deep.



The H20 2Go is a bag designed to fit all the essentials when you need to stay hydrated. The main open compartment will fit a large bottle, even a 2 litre bottle of water, and a 32oz Yeti, or even a bottle of wine, or your coffee. It is lined with waterproof lining, which means that condensation from your bottle shouldn't come through and get your leg wet.


The exterior of the bag is made from high quality digitally printed cotton, with a vinyl base, which helps protect the bottom when placed on the ground. The bag is interfaced so will stand on its own, but please note this is slouchier than other patterns I offer.




The front Pocket is 8 inches tall with two slip pockets, with space for a phone, passport and some cash, as well as 4 card slots, which can double up to fit 8 cards if needed. Please note that if the front pocket is full without a water bottle the bag will be front heavy and not stand on its own, I don't find this an issue but it is worth noting.


Hardware and Strap


This bag uses high quality hardware with, two co-ordinating  zipper pulls The bag comes with a lightweight black seatbelt webbing lined vinyl strap, which is very heavy duty and compliments the lightweight nature of the bag.

H20 2GO Water Bottle Bag - Custom Pre-order

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