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Set of Pouch Order form

Dumpling pouch

If you have placed an order for an Dumpling pouch set, please fill in one form for each pouch that you have ordered. If you have ordered more than one pouch please fill in multiple forms,

If you have ordered a dumpling set, please go here


If you would rather talk with me before hand, that is absolutely welcomed! You can contact me on Instagram or here. Please feel free to contact me at any time in the process


Order Form



Search Magical Exterior Fabric Choices here


Is there a specific placement you would like, or a placement you would absolutely not like?  E.g, please include the castle, and don't include the HM


Would you mind if I used glitter vinyl? This doesn't mean you will get glitter, I just understand glitter is not for everyone!

Are there any Vinyl, Zip or Hardware colours, you would rather, I did or didn't use? E.g I hate pink and rose gold. 

Anything else?


If there is a specific pouch you have seen that you would like me to try and  replicate, you can screen shot ans upload a picture here. 


Thank you your content has been submitted

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