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If there is a specific bag that you would like to see in the shop, you can fill in this form, 

An amazing chill time at the Aqualagoon

Order Form


Which size backpack would you like


Would you like the exterior to be inspired or non-inspired fabric?


Would you like to pick your own cork colour?


Zipper Tape

Would you like to pick your zipper tape?

Zipper pulls

These look best if they match your hardware colour 

Would you like Novelty Pulls

Padded Straps

As standard the straps are inch and made of only fabric, you can upgrade to 1.5 inch thick which are padded with foam, which some may find more comfortable (not recommended on small).

Padded Strap

Zipper Pockets

All bags come with a slip pocket on the inside, and one extra zipper pocket which can be located on the inside of the main bag or on the back panel as a security pocket or you can upgrade to have both.

Zipper Pocket Location

Lining Colour

As standard, a complimentary lining colour will be chosen  for you, however if you have a particular preference please let me know bellow. At the moment, only plain colours or any non-inspired fabrics seen here (which will incur a small fee) can be chosen. 


If you have spoken to me about modifying a feature or a specific design element please add that here. If you make a request before checking with me I will just be in touch to confirm this with you! 

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